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Power session

Not sure yet if my Meet your inner Millionaire coaching programme is a right fit? Experience in a 2 hour power session what this method can do for you and your business. A power session will give you full clarity on your most burning issue and insight in your (money) archetypes. Expect 2 hours of "Wowiness" and deep gratitude for these superpowers within you!

Power session of 2 hours
Get the clear solution for your most burning issue
€ 247,- ex. 21% VAT
2 hours
Meet your inner Millionaire

Are you already an established soulpreneur with a 5 figure business? Do you experience an upper limit money wise? Meet your inner Millionaire and get your tailored one-million-dollar-plan presented in full colour during this Meet your inner Millionaire coaching programme!
Bring your business to the next level by taking inspires action! Your inner Millionaire will tell you how.

Coaching programme
Meet your inner Millionaire!
€ 999 ex. 21% VAT
6 sessions of 1,5 hours