Find your true Purpose by getting to know your (money)archetypes and learn how to monetize your mission!

A magical journey towards a 6 figure business.

Call to all highly creative, multi passionate entrepreneurs, who would like to find out about their unique purpose and learn how to monetize their mission with the Money Archetypes.

You are this highly creative, multi-passionate entrepreneur with a gazillion amount of ideas. You hop from one idea to another without finishing hardly any of them. That one project you were once passionate about did get of the ground lost it's attractiveness since cliënts did not ring your doorbell immediately. You wonder if this is the right business (idea) for you and if you will ever be successful as an entrepreneur. Self doubt kicks in. You struggle and you are tired of it. You desperately want to live life on your own terms and get off the hamster wheel. Do you want to break through this pattern and create a clear 6 figure plan you can stick to, because it is aligned with your soul purpose? Then this 6 week course is for YOU!

In this 6 week course I will take you on an inner journey beyond imagination. You will get to know your personal (money)archetypes. Your companions for life, who are there to help you to achieve your mission and ALL of you personal and business goals. You will find out about your purpose and will map out your personal strategy to reach 6 figures this year. Get to know your archetypes and learn how to communicate with them, so you will be able to reach your goals in 2022!

What are Archetypes?

Archetypes are the mirror of the soul. They define who we are and what we do. When we are in business we have special Archetypes who help us to achieve our goals. They are our personal Money Archetypes who are our companions along the way. By getting to know them, you will be able to transform your business by clearing your limiting beliefs. Simple, fast and super effective. The archetypes will show you solutions the ordinary brain can not think of. Put your Money Archetypes in the right order and your business will flourish as never before.

In this six week Summercourse you will:

  • Get to know your personal archetypes
  • Get to know what they do for you
  • Clear your limiting beliefs
  • Get full clarity on your mission
  • Get to know your money archetypes
  • Learn how to monetize your mission with a clear profit AND action plan to reach 6 figures!
  • Access to the online course with all the lessons and worksheets
  • Find support in a private FB group
  •  Weekly groupcoaching calls on Tuesday evening at 8pm CET
  •  Weekly Q&A on Friday

What are the modules:

Week 1

You will explore your status quo and you will set your goal to make 2022 your best year yet. You will get to know more about archetypes and will get to know your "inner Kingdom"; the place where all the magic happens!

Week 2

You will explore more in depth your personal archetypes. Discover how amazing they are! They are your companions for life and are there for you to live your mission. 

Week 3

What is holding you back? Your archetypes will go to clear your limiting beliefs. No more bullshit stories! Set yourself free for unlimited possibilities!

Week 4

Find out about your mission and bring your handkerchiefs, cause this is a truly heartfelt experience. Your life will never be the same!

Week 5

 This week we explore the ways how you can monetize your mission. Get to know your money archetypes!

Week 6

Now you know your mission and how to monetize it! We make an achievable profit plan to reach 6 figures and will work on the mindset. Discover your personal money archetypes who help you to achieve it!

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  • Get to know your personal (money) archetypes
  • Clear what is holding you back
  • Find your purpose
  • Learn how to monetize your mission with your personal Money Archetypes!
  •  Finish with a clear and actionable personal profit plan to reach 6 figures!
  • Online course with worksheets available to you for a full year
  • 6 groupcalls on Tuesday evening 8pm CET
  • Q&A on Friday
  • Private FB group

About Annelies

Annelies van Rijckevorsel is theFounder of the Meet your inner Millionaire Method and Co-creator of the Money Archetypes.

She helps female entrepreneurs to find their true purpose and learns them how to monetize their mission, so they can create a thriving business aligned with their personal (Money) Archetypes .
She worked for more then a decade as a career counselor at Radboud University where she guided more then 3000 students towards a purposeful life.

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