Exclusive VIP day

Are you ready for a breaktrough? Do you want to find new ways of earning money or do you want to know how to reach the five, six or even 7 figures? Do you want to feel more confident? Do you want to transform your life and business? YES? Then I invite you for an exclusive VIP day on a private location in the South of the Netherlands.

Programme of the day

9:30hs           Welcome with coffee or tea and cake
10:00hs:        Inventory of archetypes and themes you want to work on
11:00hs          Visualisation of your archetypes part 1.

12:00hs          Lunch

13:00             Visualisation of archetypes part 2
14:30             Getting to know your Inner Millionaire

16:00             Afternoon drink and snack to cheer on your succes and to evaluate your process. 

16:30hs        End of the day.

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Emma Voerman Interne Fan

First of all, Annelies is a brilliant listener. Thanks to the visualisation with Annelies I discoverd more talents then I thought I had. I can literally talk to them. I only have to go back to the place I created under guidance of Annelies. I do not need to wait building my dreams, cause "the constructor" within me is already building them. The gate has been opened. Money can flow into my life. Thank you Annelies

Jeanet Bathoorn Vrijheidsondernemers

Annelies van Rijckevorsel declares that an inner millionaire is hidden within each of us. Well, I wanted to meet him. During a VIP day Annelies guided me through an imagination/visualisation session. I will not give away everything, but one thing is for sure: I found my one million dollar plan. For sure my inner millionaire is there. It is now up to me to take action to make this plan work. Annelies is an expert. Her techniques and guidance are of high standard. I felt safe and secure. I want to have more of those days and breakthroughs in my life as an entrepreneur!
Thank you Annelies.

Results after one VIP day

Each person is unique, so is each session. The exact outcome can never be predicted, but you truly can expect miracles. One thing is for sure: it will transform your life and business.

Results you can expect after a VIP day (depending on your questions):

  • you get a very clear view on what steps to take to grow your business
  • you become aware of your unique talents
  • you become aware of your money archetypes
  • you become much more confident
  • you get clear what kind of descisions to make
  • you will find new (unexpected) ways of earning money
  • you will get a better work/life balance
  • you will get a clear view which archetypes can bring your company to the next level
  • you even can expect to find your 1 million dollar plan!

Will you be the next?

Your investment for 7 hours 1 -1 coaching on a private location in the Netherlands:

Meet your inner Millionaire!
€1500 ex. 21%VAT
Including lunch and refreshments