The Pricing Strategy of The Sultan

After months he came back. Months in which the Queen did not know where he was. Where the Sultan gets his merchandise from is still a great kept secret. Nobody knows. Only him.

After months he knocked on the door of the study again. This time accompanied by a cart full of glittering silverware. It had a magnetic attraction. The Queen couldn't take her eyes off it.

How much are these? she asked the Sultan. €47,- the Sultan replied. "Except for the sapphire ring". He took the sapphire ring from the cart and showed it. How much does it cost? she asked. This one is €10,000 the Sultan said without stuttering or getting red cheeks. This Safier is super rare and no-where else to be found in the world. The other Silverware is inferior silver, easy to replicate. The sapphire ring is of outstanding quality. When you wear it, you will feel different. "Try it on" he said. The Queen slipped the sapphire ring onto her ring finger. The ring turned out to be a “perfect fit”. It didn't pinch and the Safier upgraded her whole look. It was like the ring was just made for her.

When I buy the jewelry for my clients, I always take their personality with me. Based on that I can choose the right jewelry and it is always a "perfect fit" the Sultan said.

Now that the Queen had slipped the ring on her finger, she did not want to part with it. She had to come up with € 10,000. Do you accept gold bars? The Queen asked. “Yes, I do” the Sultan said and so they went to the hidden treasure room of the Queen where the Sultan got handed a gold bar of 3 feet tall. Value was exchanged with value. Both were happy.

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