The Rebel

The rebel brand archetype is an expert in developing truly radical ideas, services and products.  Some rebel brands can be seen as revolutionary and these are the ones that must be careful about coming across too reckless and shaking things up endlessly.

Craving revenge, the rebels greatest fear is powerlessness. They expose what isn’t working in the world and then overturn it in their own way. Action-orientated, they will bring fresh perspectives, new outlooks and inspirational changes.

At their best, they are brave, adaptable and free-spirited and they will position themselves as an alternative to the mainstream, making an effort to stand out. Rebel brands that are successful usually will have a cultlike following of all the people who have lost faith in traditional choices and are attracted by the Rebel’s energy.

Key Caracteristics of the Rebel


To overturn what is not working.

Greatest Fear

 To be powerless.


To disrupt, destroy or shock.


The trouble shooter, The Game changer.

“The Rebel reflects those who were born to be wild." 

Annlies van Rijckevorsel

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