The Innocent

The Innocent brand archetype has a desire to just be free and happy and keep life simple. They fear doing things wrong and being punished for it. They are often successful at ignoring and moving through barriers that would sometimes stop others, as they have the core talents of being optimistic and hopeful.

The Innocent world is one of complete optimism some would say, where everything is straightforward and there are no hidden agendas or double meanings. It is a place where life can be simple. Innocent brands represent good, clean fun. This archetype can be a great brand personality for brands associated with health, cleanliness and natural products.

The Innocent archetype tends to see the good in every situation, keeping faith and hope in their ideals and aiming to motivate others to also believe that everything will work out the way it should eventually.

Key Caracteristics of the Innocent


To be happy.

Greatest Fear

 To come accross unhappy.


To do things right.


Traditionalist and optimist.

“The Innocent is pure, optimistic, trusting, honest and simple."

Annlies van Rijckevorsel

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