The Caregiver

The caregiver is driven by their needs to protect and care for others. They offer protection, safety and support for their customers. They have an innate capacity for nurturing. The worst thing that could happen to them would be for their products to be perceived as harmful or exploitative.

Usually, caregiver brands have the view of the brand archetype supporting families or serving public sectors for example healthcare and education. They aim to make people take care of themselves. Almost all baby care brands are based on this archetype, which not coincidentally, also functions under a different name – the Mother.

Key Caracteristics of the Caregiver


To help and care for others.

Greatest Fear

 Selfishness and Ingratitude.


Protecting and doing things for others.


Cheerleader, Advocate and Nurturer.

“The Caregiver is compassionate, Caring, supportive and empathetic."

Annlies van Rijckevorsel

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