March 3

Short visualisation



“Ok”, said the athlete. “I will give it one more try, but promise me that you take the steps to get out of here”. The Queen nodded, but she was frozen of fear. The athlete rolled op his sleeves, bended through his knees, took a deep breath and lifted back a boulder of more than 100.000K. “Go!” he shouted, but the Queen did not move. She kept standing still. Under the boulder. Not moving any single, tiny part of her body. “Go!” shouted the athlete again. “I can not hold the boulder any longer!”. “I can’t!”, she said. “I can’t do this alone!”. The athlete looked back and saw her face. Nothing, absolutely nothing in her could move her. “Who or what do you need?” he asked her. “Somebody who can guide me in this unfamiliar world” said the Queen. “Someone who accompanies me”. Someone on whom I can rely on. Someone who caches me when I fall “. And on that statement the King appeared. He looked at her lovingly, took her hand without saying anything and let her take the steps needed to go to stand in the light.

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