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Being part of a twin I was born premature and nearly died.  No-one believed that I could survive, except one nurse. She got me transported to a hospital specialized in neo natal care. I survived.
May be because of this, but I always had this nagging feeling that my life was meant for something. It took me 35 years to figure out in what way.

It happened to me for the first time being 16 years old: I was in the middle of an exam week and had studied hard for an upcoming exam the next day. Laying in my bed, right before falling asleep something strange happened. It was like an armour came around my body forcing me to "look inside". During this experience I came across a big fire ball with tremendous power. Although I did not know what was going on, I immediately knew that I was connected with Source. The next day I got an A for my exam. I wanted to experience this more often, but unfortunately it did not work on demand.

A few years later I went to study something I was good at, but where I was not passionate about. Slowly I transformed from a joyful person into a person full of anxciety. I ended up in the hospital.

My life changed in 2012 when I followed a course to become a licenced Game of Gifts coach. I learned a visualisation/imagination technique and got to know my talents and mission: making people happy by being of service. But more important: by this visualisation technique I got in contact with my Source again. Those four days transformed my life.

I am practicing this visualisation technique eversince. That is how I met in 2017 my "inner millionaire". He suddenly was there in my imagination telling me what to do to live a life of abundance and joy. Getting to know my "inner millionaire" is one of the greatest gifts I experienced in my life.

It is now my mission to guide female entrepreneurs towards their "inner millionaire" as well, so they can bring their business to the next level to live a life full of abundance, joy and overall well-being.

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