The Little Known Way of Attracting Money

Learn how to attract money in a FUN and PLAYFUL way through the power of your Archetypes!

September 6 - 8
 8pm - 9.30pm CET

What You’ll Learn in This FREE Workshop

Day 1: The magic formula on how to manifest money FAST

Get the truth about money and how EASY (and not HARD) it is to make; no matter your background and what economy we live in.

Day 2: What Archetypes are, WHY you should get to know them and how to identify yours

Get to know your innate talents and your source of infinite abundance.

Day 3: How to meet your inner Millionaire and earn money with your unique gift

Turn your unique power into profit and discover your divine one-million-dollar plan!

This workshop is for you when:

You are currently employed, but you feel you are meant for more and want to find that hidden gem.

You are a heart centered, service based entrepreneur hitting an income plateau. You are seeking a way to break through this glass ceiling.

You followed all kind of courses, applied all kind of strategies the "guru's" told you, but nothing seems to work for you. 

You want to attract money in a fun, playful and MAGIC way!

Hi, I am Annelies

Creator of the Meet your inner Millionaire Method and co-creator of the Money Archetypes. 

My journey started in 2012 when I became a certified Archetype coach to help young adults find their purpose. 

By working with the Archetypes, I discovered in 2017 my own inner Millionaire and a lot of brand new Archetypes all related to money. Since then I teach career seekers and entrepreneurs all over the world how to find their purpose and monetize their mission through the power of their own personal money archetypes. I invite you to meet your own inner Millionaire in this FREE workshop! Be prepared for some MAGIC!

Yes, show me the MAGIC!