Find your purpose and learn how to Monetize your Mission!

A transformational 6 week program to find out about your highest calling and how to earn money with your greatest gifts based on your Archetypes.

 Doors close on September 25th at 10pm CET
The course starts on October 1st

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You missed out!

Let me Guess....

You worked your ass off to get good grades, because they told you that good grades would get you a good job. Now you have that so called "good job", but you feel unfulfilled, stressed and exhausted.


You were all excited to start your own business to finally be able to work on your own terms. Now you have this business, but financial freedom is nowhere to be found. You created multiple profit plans on how to make 6 figures, but never reached that mark. You feel frustrated and tired, because despite all work, nothing seems to pay off for you.

Does any of this sounds familiar?
Then I have an important message for you...


You are not working in alignment with your Archetypes!

"As a Dancer needs to dance,
a writer needs to write"

What is it what you need to do?

Discover your primary Archetypes 
& Money Archetypes

Deep in your subconscious mind hide your 12 Archetypes.
 They are there to work in full harmony towards your mission, but when they do not get heard, recognized or seen, they can severely sabotage you on your way to fulfillment and wealth.

Your Money Archetypes are there to unlock your subconscious money beliefs and create the way to the land of Milk and Honey. In your imagination they will show you in detail HOW.

Getting to know your Archetypes and Money Archetypes is the greatest gifts you can give to yourself in this lifetime.
They reveal your life purpose and show you how to earn good money with your innate talents and unique gift. 

Are you already excited?

You will learn how to

  • Align yourself with your Archetypes, so you can become the person you were born to be! 
  • Heal your Money wound, so you can get a much better relationship with money.
  • Change your vibration in a minute, so you can start attracting the good things in life.

You will walk away with 

  • Deep insight in your 12 Primary Archetypes and a clear understanding of your Purpose.
  • New revenue models based on your personal Archetypes. 
  • Your most brilliant business idea able to earn you 6- or even 7 figures!

I know what it is like to seek a better relationship with money and a more fulfilled life.

I was born 7 weeks to early with a twin sister. Clearly with a Purpose.
Three days after my birth my heart stopped beating 4 times, but I survived. 

The summer I turned 7 we moved from a village to a city. I grew up as an "uptown" girl; living in a big house in the best area of town, but no-one knew my mother had to scrape pennies to be able to put food on the table. Without knowing it, I developed the Martyr inside of me. I started to sacrifice my own life over everyone else's happiness. I did not want to see my mother unhappy.

My relentless ambition to able to take care of myself and not to depend on anyone else, made me develop an unhealthy relationship with money and an unhealthy relationship with myself. I ended up in the hospital. Burnt-out and broke.

Everything changed when I decided to change careers to become a Career Counselor and a certified Archetype coach. I got introduced into a world I did not know existed where I got re-united with my innate talents, found my purpose and....met my own inner Millionaire!

Now it’s your turn.

Are you ready to heal your relationship with money?

Are you ready to find your Purpose in life?

Are you ready to meet your own inner Millionaire?

Join the fall edition of
 Find your Purpose and learn how to Monetize your Mission

Start October 1st 2022

A program nowhere else to be found in the world transforming your life from the inside out.

Week 1:
Heal Your Money story

Most of our money blocks stem from our childhood. This week we dive deep into your Money Story to get to the rootcause of your money situation. We invite the (money) archetypes who can heal this money wound. Learn the technique to never worry about money ever again.

Week 2:
Get to know your 12 Archetypes

This week you get to know your Inner Kingdom and your role as a King, Queen, Prince or Princess. Find out about your 12 Archetypes who are there to serve you. Be amazed about their unique talents and gifts!

Week 3: Heal your limiting beliefs

Find out about your themes in life. Which stories are holding you back? What patterns keep returning in your life? Eliminate all negative self talk with the help of your Archetypes and open up to abundance! 

Week 4:
Find your Purpose!

This week you will find out how the Archetypes are related to your highest calling and how they work together in full harmony. You will find out about your Mission and Purpose in life. A true heartfelt experience! 

Week 5:
Monetize your Mission!

Find out about the ways how to monetize your Mission. You will see that there is more then one way to financial abundance! Let's open the doors to affluence and find out about at least three new revenue models. All based on your personal Archetypes of course.

Week 6:
Meet your inner Millionaire!

Explore in full debt the identity of your inner Millionaire! No matter if you are already a seasoned entrepreneur or an office clerk. You will find out about your greatest gift able to earn you 6 to even 7-figures if you want to.

“The world needs that unique gift only you have

Getting to know your Archetypes set you on the highway to freedom.

When you work from your heart, you never have to work hard. When you love what you do and do what you love, you will never get tired, bored or exhausted. That is the only way to real financial freedom.

your archetypes are there to support you! always.

We all have stories that keep us trapped. Money stories included. Discover your deep-rooted beliefs and get rid of them with the speed of light.
Discover your 12 Archetypes, your companions for life. Have inner conversations with them and see how they cooperate to fulfill your Mission.

What Others Say

Annelies is an absolute expert in what she does. During her VIP day I got full clarity on my divine one million dollar plan. It is now to me to execute it. I absolutely recommend working with her.

Jeanet Bathoorn
 No nonsense Business Coach

Annelies is a deep connector to inner Source. I was disconnected from my abundance Mindset. She guided me towards my Inner Kingdom. After that I was able to close my first high-end cliënt. 

Gudrun Otten
 - Go impuls

What Annelies does is beyond words. She re-connects you with who you are at soul level. I got full clarity about my Money Archetypes and how they work together to achieve my biggest dreams.

Alexa Pluim
 - Web and Logo

This is what you get in 
Find your Purpose and Monetize your Mission

Access to online course modules

6 modules with inspiring and engaging content. Bite sized, so you ca combine this course with a busy life.

6 Groupcoachingcalls with Annelies

Every week we gather on Thursday for a coaching call of 1h where I teach you more about the topic of that week. Ask me all your questions!

A set of the Money Archetypes

Yours to keep for a lifetime and to play with them on a daily basis to attract more money into your life.

Personal Support from Annelies

For 6 weeks I will be your personal cheerleader on your way to wealth and your personal coach in the Facebookgroup.

Powerful imagination sessions

Every week we do a powerful imagination session, so you can integrate your Archetypes and become the person you were born to be! 

Private Facebookgroup

We connect in a Private Facebook group where you can share all your experiences and where we celebrate your breakthroughs. Bring on the champagne!

Pricing plan



or 6x€147/mo

  • Lifetime access to course modules
  • 10 Extra groupcalls after the course with hotseats
  • My personal Money Tracker
  • Set of the Money Archetypes





Simple, basic features and instant access to amazing case studies

Annelies van Rijckevorsel

I am your Guide, Teacher and Mentor during this 6-week course. I am a certified Archetype coach, creator of the Meet your inner Millionaire Method and co-creator of the Money Archetypes. By integrating my Archetypes in my life I met five years ago my own Inner Millionaire. Since then I am convinced that there hides an Inner Millionaire deep inside all of us. Let's meet yours!

Meet your inner Millionaire is a Social Enterprise.
 20% of the net income from sales of this course is used for microcredit loans.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?

The course start October 1st.

When are the groupcoachingcalls?

The groupcoachingcalls are on Tuesday evening at 8pm CET. 

What if I can not attend a call?

The calls are getting uploaded in the Private Facebook group where you can watch them on your own pace.

Can I work one on one with you?

This is a group course, so I do not offer one on one service during these 6 weeks. If you wish to work one on one with me, you can book one of my VIP days. 

Does the course contain homework?

 The course has exercises and assignments. It is up to you if you want to make them. All course modules are bite sized, so you can create change even with a full-time job and juggling a family.

100% Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

I am convinced about the results this program will provide you, if you show up and do the work. If you will not walk away with at least 3 new revenue models based on your Archetypes after 6 weeks, I will give you a full refund after having hopped on a call with you.

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