Meet your inner Millionaire!
Unlock your Full Earning Potential

Do you feel a deep longing to create financial freedom in your life? To not to be dependent on anyone to pay the bills?
 Do you dream of harnessing your unique gifts and talents to create a successful business or career that aligns with your authentic self, passions and life purpose?
Do you long for prosperity and a life that feels easy, joyful, meaningful and fulfilled and would you like to get to know your soul-aligned 1M plan what leads you to this life?
If so, I have a special offer for you.

"Meet your inner Millionaire" is a transformational coaching program designed specifically for YOU in case you are ready to embark on an inner journey where you will meet your personal Archetypes related to your Soul Purpose and earning potential and your 1M dollar Archetype.

This program is based on my Meet your inner Millionaire Method and is unique in this world. 

Unlock your True Earning Potential and Transform your Life in a Way you never Imagined Possible.

"Like a Writer needs to write
a Dancer needs to dance"

What is it what you have to do?

What You’ll Learn in This 6-week Course

This course consists of 6 Modules with powerful exercises and insightful guided imagination sessions. By the end of this Course you will know your personal Archetypes and how they are related to your Mission and Earning Potential, you will know how your Money Archetypes work for you and and a personalized 1M roadmap.

Module 1: Set your Soul on Fire!

Discover your true passions and get to know your Archetypes related to your Soul Purpose. 

Module 2: Your inner Kingdom

Get to know your inner Kingdom: the place where all the magic happens and define your role as a Queen! 

Module 3: Meet your Archetypes

Meet your personal Archetypes in your inner Kingdom and see how they work together to fulfill your Mission and how they help you to break through any kind of limiting belief in literally a split second! 

Module 4: Find your Purpose

In this Module you declare your Soul Purpose. The reason you where born on planet earth. A heartfelt experience! We celebrate this with a live coaching call!

Module 5: Monetize your Mission with the Money Archetypes

In this Module we will find at least two different ways to Monetize your Mission and we will discover your Money Archetypes who will make it happen. meet your Money Makers!

Module 6: Meet your inner Millionaire!

In this Module you will meet your inner Millionaire and we map out your personal 1M strategy!

After this 6-Week Course

  • You will have a chrystal clear understanding of your Soul Purpose.
  • You will have clear insight in your unique Archetypes and how they work together to fulfill your Mission.
  • You will know how to work with the Archetypes to break through any kind of limiting belief.
  • You will know what kind of 7-figure business would fit your Soul Purpose based on your personal Archetypes (I dare to say this without red cheeks ;). I will map it out for you.  
  • You will have a boost of Self Confidence making you feel on Top of this World. 
  • You will feel deeply inspired and re-born. 

Do you want to Transform your Life, Find your True Purpose and Unlock your Full Earning Potential?

Embark today on this transformative journey to unlock your purpose, embrace your Archetypes, unleash your true earning potential and to Meet your inner Millionaire to live a prosperous life! 

What my Clients Say

Gudrun Otten


Annelies is a deep connector to inner source. When we met I felt disconnected from my abundance mindset and was not able to re-connect by myself. Within our sessions she guided me to my inner Kingdom where the Magic Happened and where I met my Inner Millionaire. The weaver and writer got re-united! 

Alexa Pluim

web designer

There are no other words then magic to express what Annelies does. 

Meeting your Archetypes and inner Millionaire is like dreaming with your eyes wide open.

I found back my passion and my heart is set on fire again by meeting my guide who is guiding me towards the land of Milk and Honey. 

Jeanet Bathoorn

business coach

Annelies is an expert in what she does. During a VIP day she guided me towards my inner Kingdom. Within 4 hours I met my inner Millionaire and full clarity on my one million dollar plan.

It is now up to me to execute it. This is MAGIC!

Join today and receive life-time access to the course Modules AND my 1M dollar excel sheet as a bonus!