Find your Purpose by getting to know your (money)archetypes and learn how to monetize your mission!

A magical journey to wealth.

Call to all highly creative, multi passionate service based female entrepreneurs (or female entrepreneurs to be), who would like to find out about their purpose and learn how to monetize their unique gifts, so they can build a bizz from bliss.

You are this highly creative, multi-passionate entrepreneur with a gazillion amount of ideas. You hop from one idea to another without finishing any of them. That one project you were once passionate about did get of the ground lost it's attractiveness since cliënts did not ring your doorbell immediately. You wonder if this is the right business (idea) for you and if you will ever be succesfull as an entrepreneur. Self doubt kicks in. You struggle and you are tired of it. You desire the joy and fulfillment from making a difference through your unique gifts. You want to fully realize your potential & step into the greatest version of your life!

Get to know your (money)archetypes, find your Purpose and learn how to monetize your mission!

What are Archetypes?

Archetypes are the mirror of the soul. They define who we are and what we do. When we are in business we have special Archetypes who help us to achieve our success. They are our personal Money Archetypes who are our companions along the way. By getting to know them, you will be able to transform your business, by clearing your limiting beliefs. Simple, fast and super effective. The archetypes will show you solutions the ordinary brain can not think of.

They give clarity and profound insight on soul level.

Archetypes are hidden within the subconscious and give you solutions the "ordinary brain" cannot think of.  

They set yourself free.

Archetypes can heal childhood pain and set yourself free for an abundant future. 

They show you the way.

Working in perfect harmony they will show you the way. They are there to achieve your mission!

 Annelies is an absolute expert in what she does. Within 4 hours I got full clarity on my divine one million dollar plan. It is now to me to execute it. I absolutely recommend working with her and look forward to an other VIP day.

Jeanet Bathoorn -
Freedom Entrepreneurs

Annelies is a deep connector to inner source. When we met I felt disconnected from my abundance mindset and was not able to reconnect by myself. Within our session she guided me to my inner kingdom and there magic happened. I got re-connected with source, my writer and my weaver who help me to see, connect and heal.

Gudrun Otten - GO Impuls

What Annelies does is beyond words. She re-connects you with whom you are at soul level. In her session I got re-united with my archetypes and got full clarity on how they work together to achieve my biggest dreams.

Dear Annelies, thank you so much! You are a true gift to this world.

Alexa Pluim - Web & Logo

Would you like to Find your purpose and learn how to monetize your mission?

This is what I can offer you:

Summerdeal!  €497,-
(only 5 spots available)

Find your purpose and learn how to monetize your mission intensive

  1. 1
    6 private sessions of 1h to identify your archetypes and mission (value €900,-)
  2. 2
    BONUS: Set of the Moneyarchetypes (value €99,-)
  3. 3
    Fast Action Bonus: 1 extra session of 1h to identify your inner Millionaire!!! (invaluable ;)).

About Annelies


Annelies is the Creator of the Meet your inner Millionaire Method and co-creator of the Money Archetypes.

She helps female entrepreneurs and female entrepreneurs to be to find their purpose and to monetize their mission, so they can create a Bizz from Bliss.
She works for more then a decade as a career counselor at Radboud University where she guided already more then 3000 students towards a purposeful life and career. 

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