Find your purpose and learn how to monetize your mission

5 Modules 1 Chapter 15 Lessons

About this course

This course is especially designed for you as highly creative, mult-passionate entrepreneur. 
In this six week course, you will find out about your passion and how to monetize your mission.  
After this course you have full clarity on your mission and a clear and actionable profit plan how to earn good money with your unique gifts. 

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Course Structure

1 Chapter

Your status quo and where do you want to go?

Where do you stand now in life and your business and where do you want to go? Before you can go on an inner journey, you need to know where you stand right now. Therefore we use "The Wheel of Life", to see if your life is in balance or if there are some area's what need some attention. 

5 Lessons

What are Archetypes?

Archetypes are the mirror of the Soul. They define what we do and who we are. Your archetypes are your companions for life. Working in perfect harmony, they let you thrive. If not, you can feel stuck.

Archetypes have a light side and shadow side. Working from the lightside they empower you. When they are operating from the shadow side they can be destructive and cause self-sabotage. 

Let's explore them in more depth.

2 Lessons

Finding your true Self

This module is about Finding your true Self in order to find your purpose.

3 Lessons

Module 4: Finding your purpose/life misson

This module is about finding your purpose/life mission. When you know your purpose/life mission you have a clear directon where to go to. It gives motivation and empowers you. Living your life purpose is the reason why you where born and your way to live your full potential.

Your inner Support Team

This lesson is about finding out which archetypal talents form your inner support team.

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