Your inner Support Team

Lesson 10 Module 4

The last weeks we explored your archetypes. We work in total with 12 Archetypes. If you do not have 12 yet, see if you can find some more on this printable list of Archetypal talents.
12 is an archetypal number and means wholeness. When those 12 archetypes work together in full harmony you can achieve greatness and will live a whole and fulfilled life. It is your inner support team. You can ask them for advice when life gets tough, they support you as a companion and they can manifest miracles.

When you do not have 12 Archetypes at your table yet, ask yourself if maybe some talents are suppressed and if so, how this could have happened. It might also be that your life is at a new stage and therefore some archetypes are not serving anymore. In that case explore more archetypes, see in what new archetypes you recognize yourself and replenish them.

Notice that your support team of 12 archetypes is dynamic. Some archetypes can stay for a life time, others for a short period of time. You grow and evolve as a person. Therefore your inner support team might change over time and therefore your mission, but you can trust that living your life according to your archetypes serving you at that very moment, bring the right things to you, so you can grow and evolve according your life purpose.

Download the list of Archetypal talents/gifts here.

Listen to this audio to explore the (new) archetypes: