Your inner Support Team

Lesson 11 Module 4

The last weeks we explored your archetypes. For this I used the list of Archetypes of Caroline Myss, since she gives a profound explanation of the meaning of Archetypes. 
This week I present you an other list of about 64 archetypes. This list is from the game "Archetype Quest" made by my mentor Ofkje Teekens and of which I am a certified coach. These archetypes are more related to your talents/innate gifts. Some archetypes might be the same of Caroline Myss, some might differ. From this list we go to collect your inner support team. The archetypes who are there to live your purpose/life mission.
Pick twelve archetypes from this list. 

Download the list of Archetypal talents/gifts here.

Listen to this audio to explore the (new) archetypes:

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