Lesson 9 Module 3

This week is about finding your true Self. The good news is: your true Self is still there, but covered in layers of pain and grief. Finding back our true Self is like peeling an onion. We have to peel off those painful layers. 

This lesson is about the themes which play or played a part in your life. Sometimes themes have a repetitive pattern. E.g a kid who got pestered at school, might be pestered at work as an adult. Notice this kind of themes. 

Go through the list and feel free to add themes if they are not there. You can note the themes on the worksheet.

You can do this the same for growth themes. Growth themes are themes in which you would like to "grow" (get more stronger, confident etc.). 


Now, go through your list of archetypes. Take a deep breath in and a deep breath out and connect with them. See which archetypes of your list can help you overcome this theme. This can be in trust, support, comfort, playfullness, etc. 

If none of the 12 archetypes of your list can help you, go again over the list of Archetypes. You can find this list (without further description) here
Note the archetypes who help you conquering your themes down on the worksheet (or in a notebook).