The Pyramid

Lesson 11 Module 4

When you have your 12 archetypes and know where they stand for, it is time to put them in a certain order. We use "the pyramid" for this. 
The Pyramid is a very old structure with a broad base at the bottom. All parts are related and each level supports the higher level until you reach the top. As in each structure you can only build on the next level when there is balance and solidity on the underlying level. We can see the different levels of the Pyramid from bottom to top as follows:

Foundation (bottom):
Your basis: your body, feeling good physically, safety, being in your strength. The archetypes on this level are there for your own well being. Only when you take good care of yourself, you can take care of others.

2nd level: Personal Growth
This level is about your emotions and emotional connection with yourself , your family, relatives and friends. The archetypes on this level are there for your relationship with others.

3rd level: Connection with your higher Self
The archetypes on this level are connected to your essence, self confidence and self-worth. Archetypes on this level are related to your deepest self and help you to take your position in the world.

The top:
Your greatest dream, your mission. The most inspiring thing in your life. The top of the mountain. The archetype on this level is a source of inspiration, that what makes your heart thick. It connects you with the Universe.


1. Make 12 cards of your archetypes. You can write them on paper and cut them out.

2. Make an order in the archetypes as written above. Which archetypes are there for your own well being, which are there for your relationship with other people, what archetypes really want to put something into the world? What archetype is related to your mission? Put the cards in order of a pyramid and shuffle as long as it feels good. You can download/print a pyramid here and write the archetypes on it. Or draw your own pyramid with the archetypes in it.

3. Make a photo of it and upload it in the facebook group. Make sure I can read the names of the archetypes :).