Meeting your Archetypes

Lesson 6 Module 2

In module 1 you established your role as a King, Queen, Prince or Princess. When you have not done that yet, please go back to module 1 first (lesson 3) before you proceed with this lesson. You need to know how to get to your inner Kingdom first, to be able to meet your Archetypes.

In the prior lesson I asked you to pick the Archetypes related to your childhood passions. In case these Archetypes still play an active role in your life, write them down.  You can write them down in your notebook or use this worksheet.

Now we make a list of in total twelve Archetypes. If you have for instance 4 archetypes still on your list add 8. If the childhood Archetypes do not play an active role anymore, make a new list of twelve.
You can use the list of Caroline Myss or use this PDF with Archetypal Talents.
Note that there are far more Archetypes then listed on the lists. If you feel you have a certain archetype what is not named on the list, feel free to add it to your list of Archetypes, cause in the end it is all about YOU. Note them down in your notebook or use this worksheet.

Then listen to the audio below to be able to meet these archetypes in your subconscious. You can invite them one by one and even start a conversation with them and ask them the following questions:

* why are you here in my inner Kingdom?
* Are you satisfied? Do you get enough attention?
* Is there something you need?
* Would you like to change something?

or any other question what comes up. You can trust your intuition in this.

Audio to meet your Archetypes: