Meeting your Archetypes

Lesson 8 Module 2

When you have established your role as a King, Queen, Prince or Princess, it is time to meet your archetypes, but before we do that I would like you to go through your list of archetypes and to pick six archetypes for now. The six archetypes who resonate the most with you at this moment.

Then listen to the audio below to be able to meet these archetypes in your subconscious. You can invite them one by one and even start a conversation with them and ask them the following questions:

* why are you here in my inner Kingdom?
* Are you satisfied? Do you get enough attention?
* Is there something you need?
* Would you like to change something?

or any other question what comes up. You can trust your intuition in this.

Audio to meet your Archetypes:

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