Imagination of your inner Kingdom

Lesson 6 Module 2

In this lesson we go to explore your inner Kingdom. This is the place where you will meet your Archetypes. This place is uniquely yours. No-one else can enter this place. It is important that you reign as a Queen, King, prince or princess in this Kingdom, since it is you who is in charge. Not your archetypes (talents) or other persons. It symbolizes that you are in charge of your life. If you are not reigning your inner Kingdom, you can not reach your soul's destination or live your purpose.
Since you reign in this Kingdom, you can decide how you want to have it. Are you satisfied? Or need things to be changed? Listen to this audio and become familiar with your inner Kingdom. The place where you will go to meet your Archetypes.

When you hear talents in this audio, I mean archetypes (they are your talents as well ;)). Also being a woman, you can appear as a King or prince. The role you have can change in each imagination. The Queen is more intuitive. A King reigns more according to principles and procedures. When you appear as a little prince or princess it means you still have to grow. Listen to the audio and answer afterwards the questions below.


1. What role did you have? Or didn't you appear as a King, Queen, prince or princess?

2. Did you have enough power? Or were you anxious or humble?

3. Were you in charge or was it one of your archetypes or maybe still your parents?

Download your workseet here.

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