Earning money with your purpose

Lesson 15 Module 5

You have now an idea of your purpose. How does it feel? May be you are already living your purpose, but the money part is still a struggle. No worries. We go to find out how you can earn money by living your purpose. 

Exercise 1:
Go to your inner Kingdom and invite your archetypes around a round table. Then start as a King, Queen, prince or princess a money conversation.

What do your archetypes think about money?
How do they think about money?

The result of this exercise will be how and what YOU think about money on your core level.

Exercise 2:
No matter the outcome in exercise 1, your archetypes are there to fulfill your life purpose and have talents that can make you money.

Go again to your inner Kingdom and invite your archetypes again around a round table. Then start the following conversation as a King, Queen, Prince or Princess:

"You are all here to fulfill my purpose. In what way can I earn money with it?"
Call the archetypes by their name and ask:
- "In what way can you earn me money?"
- "What do you need to be able to earn money?"
- "Is there another archetype you need help from?"

Listen carefully to their answers and see with what kind of ideas they come up with and write them down.