Discover your Archetypes

Lesson 5 Module 2

In this lesson we go to have a closer look at your Archetypes. Archetypes are related to our innate talents. In fact there are an infinite number of Archetypes, but we go to explore your twelve main ones in this and the coming week. 

Your Childhood passions

When we are born as a child, all or potential is already within us. The meaning of life is to explore them and to use them. Although, many of our talents get surpressed, not heard, understood or seen.

Last week you made notes about your childhood passions. Go back to the ages 4-8, 9-12, 13-16, 17-20. What did you like to do? What were you passionate about? Are there things you still like doing? In this week we go to see what kind of Archetypes are related to your Childhood passions.

Exploring your Archetypes

Caroline Myss made an appendice of 70 Archetypes. Take a deep breath in and a deep breath out and go through the list (only the names and short description eventually). Make a list of all the Archetypes you recognise for yourself.

Then look back to your childhood passions and write down what Archetype is related to your childhood passion.
E.g. If you liked reading a lot (or still do) then the Sage is one of your Archetypes.

You will find the appendice here.