About Meet your inner Millionaire

Meet your Inner Millionaire is a unique and specific coaching programme for female entrepreneurs inspired by the game of gifts of Willem Glaudemans. It consists of a game board, about 80 cards with archetypes and 24 business related theme cards.
By using a visualisation and imagination technique you will discover your  (money)archetypes which are hidden in your subconscious mind. By making them conscious they litterally can come alive to help you to create a life of abundance and joy. Not only money wise, but also in health, relationships and overall well-being.
Since each person is unique, each session  is unique. A powersession of 2 hours can already transform your life and business.

Do you want to find new ways of earning money?
Do you want to know how to scale up your business?
Do you want to get to know your money archetypes?
Do you want to get to know your inner millionaire?