Meet Your Inner Millionaire 

and learn how to monetize your mission

Get to know your Inner Millionaire
and transform your business in a way beyond imagination

Your Inner Millionaire is one of your Money Archetypes.
Archetypes are the mirror of the soul and reside in the subconscious mind. They define who we are and what we do. Once in contact with them they can tell you exactly what to do to take your next step in business.
Meet Your Inner Millionaire is a unique way to unlock your moneyblocks and bring your business to the next level!

Meet one of your Money Archetypes in my free 3-day workshop!

What can the Money archetypes do for You?

They heal your limiting beliefs

Most money blocks stem from childhood. Time to say goodbye to old stories and to start a new chapter! YOUR chapter! 
Start growing your Self-worth.

They attract unexpected opportunities

By connecting with your archetypes and becoming the person you were born to be, you will start to attract opportunities made for you.

They give you full confidence

Difficulties with closing deals?
Not with your inner support team by your site. they will give you the full confidence to close that deal without a blinking eye.

Deep inside hides your inner Millionaire.
It is the archetype connected with your highest calling and your greatest gift.

Ready to meet yourInner Millionaire? 

What Others Say


Annelies is an absolute expert in what she does. Within 4 hours I got full clarity on my divine one million dollar plan. It is now to me to execute it. I absolutely recommend working with her and look forward to an other VIP day.

Jeanet Bathoorn 

 / No nonsense Business coach


Annelies is a deep connector to inner source.  I felt disconnected from my abundance mindset and was not able to reconnect by myself. Within our session she guided me to my inner kingdom and there magic happened. I closed my first high-end deal.

Gudrun Otten

/ Go Impuls


What Annelies does is beyond words. She re-connects you with whom you are at soul level. In her session I got re-united with my archetypes and got full clarity on how they work together to achieve my biggest dreams.

Alexa Pluim

/ Web en Logo

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Annelies van Rijckevorsel

Writer, storyteller and teacher but above all your guide towards your inner Kingdom were Your Inner Millionaire awaits you. I am the founder of the Meet Your Inner Millionaire Method and co-creator of the Money Archetypes and been guiding students for the past twelve years towards purpose driven careers and businesses.

I teach female entrepreneurs how to reconnect with their Inner Millionaire, so they can live their highest calling and greatest gift to be able to build a purpose driven thriving business.

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