Find your Purpose and learn how to Monetize your Mission

A unique 6 weeks program nowhere else to be found in the world to find out about your highest calling and greatest gift.

Let me guess…

You worked your ass off to get good grades, because they told you that good grades would get you a good job. 
Now you have that so called "good job", but you feel unfulfilled and bored.
You were all excited to start your own business to finally be able to work on your own terms.
Now you have this business, but financial freedom is nowhere to be found.
You created multiple profit plans on how to make 6 figures, but never reached that mark.

 and now you feel frustrated and exhausted, because despite all work, nothing seems to pay off for you.

Does any of this sounds familiar? 

Then I have an important message for you...

You are not working in alignment with your Archetypes

As a writer needs to write, a dancer needs to dance"
What is it what YOU need to DO?

Get to know your Archetypes and Money Archetypes!

Deep in your subconscious mind hide your 12 Archetypes.
 They are there to work in full harmony towards your mission, but when they do not get heard, recognized or seen, they can severely sabotage you on your way to fulfillment and wealth.

Your Money Archetypes are there to unlock your subconscious money beliefs and create the way to the land of Milk and Honey. In your imagination they will show you in detail HOW.

Getting to know your Archetypes and Money Archetypes is the greatest gifts you can give to yourself in this lifetime.
They reveal your life purpose and show you how to earn good money with your innate talents and gifts.  

Are you already excited?

Introducing you my 6-week program
 Find your Purpose and learn how to Monetize your Mission

A program nowhere else to be found in the world transforming your life and/or business from the inside out.

Week 1:
Heal Your Money story

Most of our money blocks stem from our childhood. This week we dive deep into your Money Story and invite the Archetypes who can heal this money wound. You will be set free for the future.

Get to know your 12 Archetypes

This week you get to know your Inner Kingdom and your role as a King, Queen, Prince or Princess. FInd out about your 12 Archetypes who are there to serve you. Be amazed about their gifts!

Heal your limiting beliefs

Find out about your stories. Which stories are holding you back? Eliminate all negative self talk with the help of your Archetypes and open up to abundance! 

Find your Purpose!

This week you will find out how the Archetypes are related to your highest calling. You will find out about your Mission and Purpose. A true heartfelt experience! 

Monetize your Mission!

Find out about the ways how to monetize your Mission. You will see that there is more then one way to financial abundance! Let's open the doors to affluence!

Meet your inner Millionaire!

Explore the identity of your inner Millionaire! No matter if you are already a seasoned entrepreneur or an office clerk. You will find out how to earn 7-figures with your unique gift!

“The world needs that unique gift only you have

Getting to know your Archetypes set you on the highway to freedom.

When you work from your heart, you never have to work hard. When you love what you do and do what you love, you will never get tired, bored or exhausted. That is the only way to financial freedom.

your archetypes are there to support you! always.

We all have stories that keep us trapped. Money stories included. Discover your deep-rooted beliefs and get rid of them with the speed of light.
Discover your 12 Archetypes, your companions for life. Have inner conversations with them and see how they cooperate to fulfill your Mission.

What Others Say

Annelies is an absolute expert in what she does. During her VIP day I got full clarity on my divine one million dollar plan. It is now to me to execute it. I absolutely recommend working with her.

Jeanet Bathoorn
 No nonsense Business Coach

Annelies is a deep connector to inner Source. I was disconnected from my abundance Mindset. She guided me towards my Inner Kingdom. After that I was able to close my first high-end cliënt. 

Gudrun Otten
 - Go impuls

What Annelies does is beyond words. She re-connects you with who you are at soul level. I got full clarity about my Money Archetypes and how they work together to achieve my biggest dreams.

Alexa Pluim
 - Web and Logo

This is what you get in 
Find your Purpose and Monetize your Mission

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Set of the Money Archetypes, including a manual send upfront.



  • Set of the Money Archetypes
  • 6 Group coaching calls on Tuesday evening at 8pm CET
  • Weekly Q&A on Friday
  • Access to Community and Course Content
  •  Supportive Facebook group

Founder of the Meet your inner Millionaire Method and co-creator of the Money Archetypes. I help ambitious entrepreneurs to identify their inner Millionaire, so they can transform their business into a soul aligned 7-figure empire.

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