Let me be your guide in 2021

To monetize your mission!

Open up to abundance and let 2021 be your best year yet! 

You are a conscious entrepreneur with a BIG dream for your future

You feel the potential for greater levels of prosperity and contribution.

You dream of running a soulful and sustainable business.

You desire the joy and fulfillment from making a difference through your unique gifts

You believe that your business is a vehicle to realize your greatest contribution

And most of all - you want to fully realize your potential  and step into the greatest version of your life!

You are ready to make profound changes in your financial life and leap forward into the larger, abundant destiny that's calling you.

But right now...

  • You feel stuck or blocked and sometimes you wonder if you'll ever reach the level of impact and prosperity you desire. 
  • You wonder if you are on the right track.
  • Inspite of all of the work you've been doing on yourself, it feels like there is some financial barrier that you just cant seem to break through. 
  • The self-doubt, financial insecurity and wheel-spinning are eating away at your belief that wealth and prosperity are also possible for you.
  • You're yearning to make the shift from simply surviving to financially thriving and be richly rewarded for the contributions you make through your business. 

Let the Money archetypes help you to achieve your greatest mission with effortless ease.

They give clarity and profound insight on soul level.

Archetypes are hidden within the subconscious and give you solutions the "ordinary brain" cannot think of.  

They set yourself free.

Archetypes can heal childhood pain and set yourself free for an abundant future. 

They show you the way.

Working in perfect harmony they will show you the way. They are there to help you to achieve your mission and live a prosperous life!

How would it be....

  • To get aligned with your purpose
  • To know how to attract your dream cliënts in an authentic way
  • To find out about new revenue models
  • To heal once and for good your relationship with money
  • To gain full trust and confidence
  • To break through any kind of money block?

This is your chance to work 1 year 1:1 with me!

To get back on track or push forward what you started, but far and foremost: to achieve your results in a way beyond imagination!
12 sessions to book at your own convenience, on a monthly basis or in times of need.


Simple, fast and effective 




  • Set of the Money Archetypes with a value of €97,- 
  • 10 private sessions of 1h with a value of €1500,-

Billed in January, March, June and September


Meet your inner Millionaire!




  • Set of the Money archetypes with a value of €97,- 
  •  12 individual sessions of 1H with a value of  €1800,-
  • FREE entrance to my courses in 2021! Value €497,-
  •  Meet your inner Millionaire session of 4h! Find out about your divine one-million-dollar-plan! Value € 750,-

Billed in January, March, May, July, September and November.

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