Discover The little known Secret of Manifesting More Money 

Meet your inner Millionaire!

Deep Inside Your Subconscious Mind Hides
 Your Inner Millionaire...

It is an Archetype related to your Highest Calling and Greatest Gift and able to earn you a Million. How would it be to know exactly what your calling is and to use your greatest gift to make all your dreams and desires come true? Let's Meet your Inner Millionaire!

Get direct access to my Meet your inner Millionaire Masterclass!

What are Archetypes?

Archetypes are sub-personalities hiding in your Subconscious Mind. They are here to fulfill your Mission. Is Money not yet flushing into your life? Than you subconsciously are sabotaging it. By identifying your Money Archetypes, you can easily and pain free identify what is holding you back. And by working with your Money Archetypes and Guided Meditation you can shift this in a split second. WOW!

Let me Introduce you 4 of the 32 Money Archetypes

Meet the Fire Master

He re-ignites your inner Fire. 

Let's find out what you are passionate about and see how you can monetize it!

Meet The Lackey

He knows your Secret Code to hit 6-figures or beyond.

Let's crack your personal Code and see how money will flow to you.

Meet the Strategist

He (or she) knows exactly how to get there where you want to be, but it needs to be a strategy what fits your personality.

Meet The Sultan

The Sultan is a Master Merchant. 

Get to know what YOU have to sell to make a Million! It can be ridiculous simple.

What My Clients Say

Jeanet Bathoorn

Freedom Entrepreneurs

"Annelies is a true expert in what she does" In 4 hours I found out about my one million dollar plan. It is now up to me to execute it.
 I absolutely recommend working with her.

Gudrun Otten


"Annelies is a deep connector to inner Source. In our session I got re-united with my inner writer and weaver. She helped me reconnect with my abundance Mindset. Pure Magic."

Alexa Pluim


"Annelies helped me to re-ignite my fire. Getting to know your Archetypes is pure Gold and you can return to your inner Kingdom whenever you want. This is awesome!"

About Annelies

Annelies is a Money Mindset Mentor and Money Archetype Expert.

She channeled her own inner Millionaire in 2017 followed by a range of other Money Archetypes which she developped with Ofkje Teekens. 

Annelies is now on a Mission to teach entrepreneurs all over the world how to meet their own inner Millionaire and how to use the energy of the Money Archetypes to build a biz from pure bliss.