Get to know your money archetypes and learn how to navigate through the crisis.

Hi, I am Anne Louise.

Creator of the Meet your inner Millionaire Method and co-creator of the Money Archetypes. l reconnect you with your soulpurpose and Money archetypes so you can thrive in business and life. 

Unwrap that unique gift that only you have!

We are all born with a unique set of talents,
what sets us apart from any other person on this planet.
My gift is to align you with your unique set of talents, 

also called archetypes so you can serve the world and
 earn good money by using your gift. 
How would that be?

What the Money Archetypes can do for you

Just starting out as an entrepreneur or earning moren than 100K a year, each entrepreneur hits an upper limit once in a while. Do you feel stagnant at the moment? This is amongst other things what the Money Archetypes can do for you.

1. They uncover the rootcause of your stagnation

There is always a rootcause of your stagnation. So you can heal what happened in the past and get back in charge. Let abundance flow into your life!

2. They empower

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely job. Not with your inner succes team. Have inner meetings with your Money archetypes! You can even discuss your strategy with them. You business will flourish and thrive!

3. They show solutions your ordinary brain can never come up with

As Einstein already said: "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them". With consulting the Money Archetypes solutions come from the subconscious level. The insight you get are priceless and sometime given in a split second.


What my clients say about me

Anne Louise is an absolute expert in what she does. Within 4 hours I got full clarity on my divine one million dollar plan. It is now to me to execute it. I absolutely recommend working with her and look forward to an other VIP day.

Jeanet Bathoorn

The Cruising lady

Anne Louise is a deep connector to inner source. When we met I felt disconnected from my abundance mindset and was not able to reconnect by myself. Within our session she guided me to my inner kingdom and there magic happened. I got re-connected with source, my writer and my weaver who help me to see, connect and heal.

Gudrun Otten

GO Impuls

What Anne Louise does is beyond words. She re-connects you with whom you are at soul level. In her session I got re-united with my archetypes and got full clarity on how they work together to achieve my biggest dreams.

Dear Anne Louise, thank you so much! You are a true gift to this world.

Alexa Pluim

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